Make Hiring Better

The Situation

Hiring is broken.

Longer hire times, unreliable resumes, and more job seekers in the market means we need something better. We need Rebric.
Rebric aims to make hiring better for both applicants and employers by providing a fast and easy way to match candidates to what actually is required in a job. Our solution shortens hire times, improves candidate experience through your process, and reduces turnover.

Solutions For Both Sides

For Employers:
  • Decrease the time it takes to get the right candidates into your vacant positions
  • Gain insights through predictive analytics about how well applicants match up
  • Create a channel to communicate to your applicant network
  • Reduce turnover rates
  • Move through the hiring process faster
For Applicants:
  • Don’t rewrite your resume for every job
  • No more vague cover letter guidelines
  • Get timely feedback on your application
  • Find a job that fits your experience
  • Move through the hiring process faster

The Method

A short form that gives big returns. Rebrics provide quantitative analysis of applicant questions so you can make an informed hiring decisions.

  1. Develop the Rebric to find applicants with the experience you need
  2. Complete the Rebric internally
  3. Post the Rebric and gather applicant data for a set period of time

The Results

The Outcome Tracker gives you real time updates on how candidates score on your posted Rebric. In this simple list, you can see how candidates stack up to each other and your current employees. You can even alter the weight of different questions to see how it changes the ranking.

After you identify your top candidates it’s a simple matter of bringing them in for your final vetting.


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